Is it over yet?

I know many of us have been eager to get “back to normal” and keep hoping the Covid-19 pandemic would just go away.

Unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet and we are in a time of increased infectious disease transmission not only from Covid-19 but also the flu and RSV. So massage therapy clinics are still required, and will be so in the foreseeable future, to follow the same safety protocols as any medical clinic.

So we are still masking, disinfecting surfaces, and asking screening questions to safeguard our clients as well as ourselves.

It’s tricky business because our immune systems do need to be challenged to stay active and engaged and the trifecta of viruses may be due to our caution during Covid-19. However, we are dealing with viruses that are new to our systems on top of the familiar ones, and if you have any underlying health challenges, being exposed could be detrimental to your long term health and cause additional damage to already fragile systems.

With that in mind I am doing my best to safeguard my health so as not to expose my clients. I also have some tricky underlying health issues that have caused me to be extra cautious. It took me many years to find health and now that I have it I don’t want to endanger it and set myself back by possibly getting long covid.

As we move forward in still uncertain times I will be taking precautions to keep myself healthy so that I don’t endanger the health of anyone around me. All we can ask of each other is to be considerate of others and realize that even if we are healthy others around us are more fragile and still would like to continue living a full life despite that.

Published by Lee Feetham, LMT, BS

Licensed massage therapist, body geek, health enthusiast, and mini homesteader.

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