Covid – 19 and Massage

How are we mitigating the risk?

How do you make massage therapy safe during a pandemic? Who knew we would ever have to ask that question? But here we are. I have broken it down into two areas of responsibility; client and therapist/clinic.

Client Responsibility

We cannot eliminate the risk of transmission. So please evaluate whether you can risk possible exposure prior to making an appointment.

To mitigate the risk of Covid – 19 we are asking you to do the following:

Please be available the night prior to your appointment for a phone call or email asking about current health symptoms and possible prior exposure.

Wear a mask to your appointment.

For extra protection please bring a pair of safety glasses or face shield to protect your eyes while face up.

Arrive RIGHT on time. If you are early please wait in your car.

Leave your purse, phone, unnecessary belongings in your securely locked car.

We will take your temperature and ask you to wash your hands upon arrival.

Come directly back to the treatment room with your therapist and fill out and sign your Covid – 19 symptom questionnaire form.

Limit your conversation during treatment to lessen the aerosol droplets in the air.

Leave promptly after your appointment so we can avoid having contact between our clients. And if we do have two or more clients in the lobby at once, please stay 6 feet apart.

Clinic and Therapist Responsibilities

The Therapist will be wearing a face mask, face shield or goggles, and scrubs and will be washing hands and arms frequently before and after each client.

The treatment room has an air purifier with UV light running during the entire treatment, and windows will be open as well. I will leave the air purifier on 24 hours a day. I will disinfect the massage table, face cradle, chair, counters, doorknobs, floors, clip boards, and pens between each client.

We will also be disinfecting the door knobs, faucet handles, bathroom, and counters in the lobby between each client.

Initially, I am limiting clients to two per day and they will all be current clients. I will consider new clients who are in county/peninsula area residents. No new out of county clients will be scheduled during the contingency phase of re opening. The contingency phase will last until we reach phase 4 of the governors re opening plan. I will be increasing to three massages per day if I can tolerate the PPE for a longer period of time.

Also, a reminder that due to the extra precautions and time it takes to set up and clean between clients I have raised my rates to make coming back to work feasible financially. Please see my rates and payment page for that information.

Thank you so much!

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